Agile Teaching Academy

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What is the Agile Teaching Academy?

The Agile Teaching Academy is an asynchronous course aimed at helping faculty design a highly adaptable and inclusive course. Faculty will think through important design considerations over the course of four modules and will explore questions such as:

  • How can I design course components for maximum flexibility, regardless of teaching format or location?

  • How can I organize my course for maximum student success?

  • What is a good assignment and assessment structure for a flexible, inclusive course?

  • How can I align instructional activities and assessments to learning goals to ensure my students are mastering important objectives?

  • Am I making teaching choices that are inclusive of a wide range of student needs in a flexible environment?

Delivery Options

Agile Teaching Academy is offered in two delivery modes:

  • Facilitated Agile Teaching Academy: Participants interact with each other over the course of four modules as they consider design elements to enhance their existing course. Although this is asynchronous, there is a predictable structure for interaction and participants work with learning team members to give and receive feedback related to course design. The next facilitated Agile Teaching Academy will be held June 5 - 30, 2023.  Participants who complete the Academy are eligible for a $500 stipend.  Deadline to complete the application is Sunday, April 30th.  
  • Self-paced Agile Teaching Academy: Participants can self-enroll in this asynchronous, self-paced course to access resources at a time convenient for them. To enroll in the self-paced Agile Teaching Academy, please follow these steps.
    1. Login to the AsULearn-Projects site.
    2. On the next screen, click the Enroll me button.