Professional Development Transcript

A professional development transcript is a document that records the learning activities and achievements of a faculty or staff member in a specific period of time. It can include information such as:

  • The title and description of the learning activity (e.g., workshop, course, conference, webinar, etc.)
  • The date and duration of the learning activity
  • The facilitator or instructor of the learning activity
  • The learning objectives and outcomes of the learning activity
  • The evidence of completion or participation (e.g., certificate, badge, feedback, etc.)
  • The reflection or feedback of the learner on the learning activity

A professional development transcript can help faculty and staff showcase their professional achievements and development to help support promotion by:

  • Demonstrating their commitment to continuous learning and improvement
  • Highlighting their skills and knowledge in their field of expertise
  • Providing evidence of their learning outcomes and impact
  • Enhancing their professional identity and reputation
  • Facilitating their career advancement and mobility

If you are interested in obtaining your professional development transcript please complete the submission form, completed transcripts will be sent via email as a PDF document. If you have any questions, please contact CETLSS Program Associate, Katie Lail or 828-262-3040