Career Support and Mentoring

Each stage of a faculty career, poses unique challenges. CETLSS provides a wide variety of programming that supports faculty at all career stages and in the multitude of positions in which they serve. If youy have any questions or would like to learn more about our career support services, please reach out to Tracy Smith, Director of Faculty Mentoring and Career Support


Early Career Faculty

Welcome to your new career at AppState!  New faculty members face many challenges and whether you have just completed graduate school or you're an academic veteran who's simply new to our institution, you may find juggling all you do to be demanding. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success is here to support you! CETLSS provides services specfically tailored to faculty members new to AppState! 







Mid Career Faculty

Staying engaged, moving forward, and trying out fresh ideas or new approaches are major challenges for mid-career faculty. At the same time, this period offers great opportunities to refine your teaching repertoire, take risks and collaborate with colleagues within and beyond the borders of your discipline, or develop leadership skills. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success seeks to provide targeted support for faculty at this stage of their academic life through discussion groups, workshops, writing groups, and other resources.




VITAL (Visiting, Instructor, Temporary, Adjunct, Lecturer) Faculty

Approximately 40% of faculty at Appalachian hold full-time or part-time non-tenure track appointments. At many institutions, non-tenure track faculty are denied the same faculty development opportunities as the tenure-track faculty. This is definitely not the case at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success.