The Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success or CETLSS (pronounced see_tolls) aspires to provide high quality professional learning opportunities that assist faculty, staff, and administrators in providing transformational and innovative educational programs that enhance student learning and increase student success. Our goals and initiatives align with the Appalachian Strategic Plan and support the cultivation of a dynamic and inclusive campus. We aim to provide professional services for the advancement of our academic community.


The primary goal of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success is to facilitate academic development on campus by offering a broad range of services and programs to faculty and staff at all career stages aligned to the Appalachian Strategic Plan. The CETLSS seeks to advance teaching and learning, increase the utilization of innovative learning technologies, strengthen leadership development, and cultivate inclusive practices across campus. In addition, the Center plays a direct role in supporting colleges, departments, programs, and campus units in achieving institutional objectives. We work collaboratively with constituents across campus to develop, implement, and assess programs and services that advance our collective goals.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success supports Appalachian’s mission and campus priorities by providing programming and services in support of the following:   

  • Teaching and Learning: The CETLSS advances the teaching and learning core mission on campus by developing, supporting, and showcasing excellence in teaching.  

  • Learning Technologies: The CETLSS leads the campus in providing professional development for faculty and staff that increases the integration of learning technologies for teaching. In addition, the CETLSS leads campus initiatives that support the expansion of technologies to achieve Appalachian goals.

  • Inclusive Excellence: The CETLSS provides professional development that cultivates equity, inclusion, and diversity in the classroom and campus community. In collaboration with the Chief Diversity Officer and Academic Affairs, the CETLSS assists the Inclusive Excellence Team in establishing and delivering programming that supports inclusive practices.

  • Faculty and Staff Excellence: The CETLSS provides programming that supports faculty at all career stages and in the multitude of positions in which they serve.  

  • Leadership Development: The CETLSS facilitates the planning and facilitation of professional development that strengthens academic leadership across campus, aids in identifying and developing emerging leaders, and promotes leadership succession planning.

  • Appalachian Initiatives: The CETLSS provides direct support to programs, departments, colleges and units across campus that assists the campus community in achieving its goals.  

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