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Spring 2024 Book Clubs 

The Good Life: Lessons from the World's Longest Scientific Study of Happiness 

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What makes a life fulfilling and meaningful? The simple but surprising answer is relationships. The stronger our relationships, the more likely we are to live happy, satisfying, and healthier lives. The Harvard Study of Adult Development reveals that the strength of our connections with others can predict the health of both our bodies and our brains as we go through life.

The Art of the Personal Essay

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Come join the exploration of the personal essay. We will read about essay craft, explore multiple essays from The Art of Personal Essay by Phillip Lopate and we will work on our essay writing. It is up to each book club member whether they would like to share their writing or just write privately, but we hope you will share!

Writing with Pleasure 

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Writing should be a pleasurable challenge, not a painful chore. Writing with Pleasure empowers academic, professional, and creative writers to reframe their negative emotions about writing and reclaim their positive ones. By learning how to cast light on the shadows, you will soon find yourself bringing passion and pleasure to everything you write.