Teaching Innovation Lab

CETLSS - TIL (Teaching Innovation Lab):  Transforming Education through Emerging Technologies

The Teaching Innovation Lab, hosted by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success (CETLSS) is organized to build institutional capacity by providing developmental opportunities and experiences for instructors to address emerging and relevant challenges in teaching and learning.   Challenges such as:  supporting faculty teaching at multiple campus locations, utilizing new and changing technologies to address teaching and learning in a rapidly changing technological world. (i.e. teaching with Generative AI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality) and utilizing Digital Media within a course aligned with learning objectives.  We collaborate with faculty and partner with other campus departments/staff such as AT (Academic Technology), ITS (Information Technology Services) and the Library to explore appropriate and effective methods of instruction using emerging technologies.  

Students wearing VR Headsets in a lab/lecture

The Teaching Innovation Lab fosters a culture of exploration and innovation, supporting faculty in creating engaging and impactful learning experiences for students.

  • Explore: Experiment with cutting-edge technologies and discover their pedagogical applications.

  • Develop: Design and implement innovative teaching strategies that integrate AI, AR, and VR, new media technologies, and other digital services.

  • Share: Connect with colleagues, exchange best practices, and share their pedagogical creations.


Future projects could include but are not limited to the following:  

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence):  Explore AI to assist with the construction of grading rubrics, quiz questions, assignments and curriculum mapping.  

  • VR (Virtual Reality):  Explore ways to create 360-degree virtual tours for your students of places that are not practical to visit during the semester.

  • AR (Augmented Reality: Explore ways to place computer generated 3D images inside a virtual tour of photographic panoramic with mobile devices.

  • Exploring ways to integrate 3rd party digital media libraries, such as OER (Open Educational Resources) and LinkedIn Learning content that align with your course learning objectives. 

CETLSS-TIL hosts learning communities consisting of  faculty and staff from across campus in 2 monthly AppLC’s (Learning Communities):  One called “AI4AI” - (Artificial Intelligence for AppState Instructors) with campus collaborators (AT, ITS, and Biology) and another called “App-DigiFab” - Digital Design and Fabrication (currently made up of faculty and staff from Applied Design, Fine Arts, and Biology). 

For more information Submit a CETLSS Connection Request  or email Derek Eggers (eggersdc@appstate.edu) to discuss ideas, questions, or ways to connect.