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The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success or CETLSS (pronounced see_tulls) is the university's comprehensive center dedicated to growing excellence in teaching and learning, leadership, and supporting faculty professional development and student success. Our center provides workshops, courses, learning communities, and resources covering various topics to support faculty at all career stages.


Upcoming Events

The Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success (CETLSS) offers various professional development opportunities throughout the academic year. 

CETLSS Workshops & Programs—Includes information about our comprehensive teaching & learning workshops, courses, programs, book clubs, and events, along with registration links, dates/times, and facilitator information. 

CETLSS Schedule-at-a-Glance—Provides an overview of our faculty development offerings and web resources. 

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Consultations, Observations & Support

Are you interested in consulting with us? Complete the CETLSS Connection Request form and based on your needs, one of our team members will reach out to you! 

Types of Support We Offer: 

  • Mentoring & Career 
  • Teaching & Learning 
  • Online Teaching & Learning
  • Civic Engagement & Service Learning
  • General Instructional Design and Teaching Practices 
  • Workshops, Learning Communities, and Book Clubs
  • Teaching Observations and Consultations 
  • New Faculty Orientation and Induction and Jump Into Fall Conference
  • Mental Health First Aid and GUIDE Sessions

CETLSS Spotlight

How to Stay Motivated at the End of the Semester

The final weeks can sometimes feel like forever! You're low on energy, time, and resources, and it's more challenging than usual to recharge yourself. So just how can you stay motivated at the end of the semester?

Try Changing Your Routine

How long has it been since you mixed up your schedule? As in... really mixed it up? You might be in a bit of a funk because you're just going through the motions: go to bed late, wake up tired, go to class, procrastinate. If you need to snap yourself out of it, try reworking your routine, even just for a day or two. Go to bed early. Get enough sleep. Eat a healthy breakfast. Eat a healthy lunch. Go off campus to work. Mix things up so your brain can engage and recharge in a new context.

Add Some Exercise

When you're low on energy, adding exercise to your routine sounds positively dreadful. However, making time for physical activity can help relieve stress, increase energy, and mentally clear things up. Go for a nice long run outside, if you can, or join an exercise class you've never attended. Play a pick-up game with friends or just zone out on the rowing machine. No matter what you do, promise yourself you'll do it for at least 30 minutes. Chances are, you'll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Schedule in Some Downtime

Even if you know you'll be hanging out with people throughout the week, it can be hard to really let yourself relax if you're worried about everything else you have to do. Consequently, make an official night out, dinner out, coffee date, or something similar with friends. Put it on your calendar. And then let yourself really relax and rejuvenate while you're out.

For more tips, check out this article by ThoughtCo or the CETLSS Blog! 

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