Recorded Workshops & Webinars

Assignment Design for Student SuccessSusan Colby, CETLSS & Tina Hogan, IRAPRecording of WorkshopAssignment Design Resource Site
Maintaining Student Engagement Throughout the Whole SemesterLindsay Masland, Psychology/CETLSSRecording of Workshop
Inclusive Online: Removing Barriers in Our LecturesLindsay Masland, Psychology/CETLSSSlides
Strategies for Engaging Students in ZoomLindsay Masland, Psychology/CETLSSRecording of Workshop
Trauma Informed Student SupportJason Lynch, Leadership & Educational StudiesRecording SlidesAudio File
Recruiting & Retaining Faculty of ColorStacey Garrett, Leadership & Educational StudiesRecording Slides
Teaching Excellence—Pandemic Recovery Teaching & Learning: What Matters Now?; Part II: Student VoicesJennifer Snodgrass, Hayes School of MusicRecording
Toward a Pedagogy of Compassion: Why Student Laziness Does Not Exist Offered by,Dr. Devon PriceRecording of Webinar
Balancing Supporting Students & Maintaining RigorDr. Jenniffer Burris (Physics and Astronomy); Dr. Mark Nunes (Interdisciplinary Studies); Dr. Melissa Weddell (Recreation Management & P.E.)Recording of Workshop
Instructional Strategies for Large ClassesSarah Arrington, Biology; Sandy Gagnon, Psychology; Brent Alan James, Languages, Literatures, and CulturesRecording of Workshop
Inclusive Syllabus Design FrameworkElizabeth Bellows, Inclusive Excellence, Center for Academic Excellence/ Curriculum & InstructionRecording Framework
Anti-Racist Praxis: Students, Policies, SourcesReeves Shulstad, Hayes School of Music/ Inclusive Excellence, Center for Academic Excellence Lindsay Masland, Psychology/CAERecording Slides
Strategies for Student Success: Fostering Community and Sense of Belonging in Online CoursesBrandy Bryson, LES/CAE; Krista Terry, LES/CAERecordingSlides
Lunch & Learn: Tried and True F2F Strategies Adapted to OnlineJennifer Luetkemeyer, LESRecording of Workshop
Situational Factors in the Learning EnvironmentBrandy Bryson, Inclusive Excellence, Center for Academic Excellence/Leadership & Educational StudiesRecording Slides
Getting Started with Team-Based LearningSarah Arrington, Biology, Faculty ChampionRecording of Workshop and Slides
Classroom Management for Remote LearningElizabeth Bellows: C&I/CAE; Amy Cheney, RCOEVideo
Inclusive Teaching in Natural and Physical ScienceMaryam Ahmed, Biology Carol Babyak, Inclusive Excellence, Center for Academic Excellence/Chemistry & Fermentation Sciences Brandy Bryson, Inclusive Excellence, Center for Academic Excellence/Leadership & Educational StudiesRecording Slides
Phased Retirement: The Best of Both WorldsTalana Bell, Academic Affairs Angie Miller, Human ResourcesRecording
The Power of Case Studies in TeachingCarol Babyak, Inclusive Excellence, CAE/Chemistry & Fermentation SciencesRecording Resources
Basics of Universal Design for LearningLillian Nave, First-Year Seminar/CETLSSWebinar available online for independent viewing
Think UDL Podcast (multiple topics with audio and transcripts)Lillian Nave, First-Year Seminar/CETLSSThink UDL website