Appalachian State University is committed to providing a high-quality, inclusive online education to a diverse student population. CETLSS supports faculty and departments in their efforts to do that with world-class professional development aimed at better, more humanized online teaching. We'll keep it aligned to our AppState Teaching Quality Framework and centered on the goal of student success. CETLSS Online brings a full suite of offerings, including:

We always of course offer you and your program an ongoing relationship with one of our highly-trained Instructional Design Specialists, all of whom care passionately about your students' and your online success. Our first-class center will help you stay ahead of the curve, as it has its roots in one of the first centers of its kind to exist in the nation in the 1970's.

We'll watch for you!

The "Online In Time" Course Development Experience

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Have a new online course you're developing, or an oldie-but-goodie that needs an update? If you're developing or revising an online course, consider taking on our "Online in Time" course development experience. We provide up to a $1,000 stipend for you to work with CETLSS as you design - in time to teach it soon. We'll bring the structure and guidance to keep you motivated, and you bring the content expertise and elbow grease. We'll keep the AppState Teaching Quality Framework and student success at the center of our work. 

The "Our Online" Program Grant

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CETLSS offers online services not just for individual instructors but also for your program or department as you craft your online presence. Apply for the "Our Online" Grant of up to $3,000 for a semester to work with CETLSS as a group to develop an aspect of your program's online culture. What does your group need to invent or refine for your online identity? Maybe you're ready to develop or revise an online program. Or, you could create a set of teaching guidelines to ease the work of new faculty teaching online, for consistency.

This grant lets your choose and design a deliverable together. We provide the structure and guidance, while you tailor to your home culture for the buy-in you need to move confidently forward. 

The Online Teaching Community

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The Online Teaching Community is an always-open-for-business learning community to support you in your teaching with the latest resources. It has become a go-to resource site and community gathering space for anyone who enjoys sharing ideas about online teaching at AppState. We offer popular regular Zoom get-togethers driven by faculty interests as well as monthly asynchronous forum discussions on timely topics. Even when you can't make it, the Online Teaching Community site is chock full of the latest resources for just-in-time online teaching solutions that can save your week. 

Let us know you'd like to get connected hereIf you've already joined, we look forward to seeing you there