Advancing Digital and Media Literacy

Advancing Digital and Media Literacy AppLC

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Access to reliable information, contemporary literacy skills, and equitable online engagement opportunities are essential for a healthy democracy. Yet people of all ages are increasingly immersed in mediated spaces using communication technologies that reflect and reinforce social agendas, beliefs, and narratives in complex ways that undermine these essentials.

For colleges and universities, the cultivation of digital and media literacy offers a strategic direction for students, faculty, and staff alike to be empowered with the skills to access, analyze, evaluate, create, communicate, and advocate across physical and online spaces, ultimately developing and practicing competencies in critical, creative, and compassionate thinking.

Established in 2018, our Digital and Media Literacy Appalachian Learning Community (AppLC) works to develop individual and collective knowledge related to challenges and opportunities in digital and media literacy. Whether you are looking to cultivate media literacy in your own life or seeking to develop digital pedagogies for teaching and learning, consider joining this exciting effort! There are lots of ways to participate, including face-to-face and online options!

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