Gateway Course Grants

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success (CETLSS) is now seeking applications for the Increasing Student Success in Gateway Courses Innovation Grant. The purpose of this innovation grant is to incentivize and implement innovative approaches to increasing the academic outcomes of students in challenging gateway courses critical to degree attainment. The funding from this grant will support the collective ability of a department, program, or group of faculty to increase student success in gateway courses essential for retention and degree completion. Research continues to identify gateway courses as having high DFW rates, often with higher rates for underrepresented groups such as Pell-eligible and first generation (see Inside Higher Education blog post and Chronicle of Higher Education article for context). Specifically, funds will be granted to faculty groups, academic programs, departments, or interdisciplinary groups for examining data to identify areas for improvement, and to implement appropriate solutions for increasing retention, completion, and equitable outcomes in gateway courses.

Please submit your application to this Gateway Course Submission Form by September 30 for full consideration.