Jennifer Luetkemeyer

headshot_8.19.jpgJennifer Luetkemeyer (she/her/s); Associate Professor in the Media, Career and Leadership Department: My research is focused on the ways that people access information and knowledge, what resources and information they have access to, and how information and knowledge are presented to them. I am also interested in arts-based practices and in the role of mentoring in the workplace. I tend toward qualitative methodologies, and I have a particular affinity for ethnographic research. My program is 100% online and we teach our classes with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous formats. I am currently the Associate Faculty Fellow for Mentoring Initiatives in the Reich College of Education and I am passionate about both mentoring and learning from my colleagues at all levels. I knew I wanted to be at AppState the second I saw the town of Boone, and the wonderful people that I now work with just reinforced my desire to be here. I have never regretted the decision to move to Boone, even as I struggled with feelings of isolation during my first year. But that’s why I want to make this peer mentoring circle a reality - so that all of us solo folks have the opportunity to create community with each other!