Rachel Wilson

rachel_wilson_cr_2022.jpgDr. Rachel Wilson (she/her): Professor, Department of Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum, Faculty Fellow for Mentoring Initiatives, Reich College of Education. Research interests include: the use of multiple modes of representation in the teaching of science, as well as how identity informs the teaching and learning of science teachers. Research projects are usually collaborative design projects with faculty and classroom teachers of science units for K-8 settings that incorporate multiple modes of representation. Teaching approaches: active learning, experiential learning, cooperative learning, projects with cycles of feedback/revision. Service activities: RCOE Mentoring Guild; Regional Director of professional organization (MA-ASTE); RCOE Awards Committee; Professional Education Council; Department Post-tenure review committee. Interests/hobbies: hiking, gardening, cooking, yoga, reading, and knitting. I have two children (6 and 4 years old), a husband who works for the National Forest Service and 2 dogs. We love living in the southern Appalachian mountains and all of the outdoor opportunities in our area.  I like working at AppState because of the support I get in being a teacher scholar–balancing the teaching and research aspects of our jobs.