Jamie Levine

geologylevine.jpgDr. Jamie Levine (she/her): Professor (as of July 2023), Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences. Research interests: Tectonic evolution of the Southern Appalachians, understanding how minerals respond to deformation, and how they record the timing and conditions of tectonic events. Teaching Approaches: Creating a collaborative classroom environment, where students work together on projects, and where students have input on assignment deadlines and approaches. Service activities: Undergraduate AP&P committee, Departmental DEI work with University and College Inclusion Awards

Interests/hobbies: Running, hiking, cooking, baking I like being at App State because of the balance of teaching and research. I  have two children (4 and 2), and a husband who owns his own business, and we are very happy to be raising our children in Boone, with lots of outdoor opportunities.