Zoom's new Side-by-Side View

Have you updated your Zoom app recently?  Now might be a good time, since Zoom just released an update that will provide a new 'side-by-side view' in Zoom sessions when a desktop share is underway.  This enables users to see the shared screen alongside either the Speaker View or Gallery View, depending on which view they choose, and you can drag a separator between the two to change the proportions of the view between the shared desktop and participant video.  

Zoom side by side view

We're up to almost 2,800 users on our unlimited Zoom license, so if you haven't tried out this easy-to-use web conferencing tool with students or colleagues, give it a try at https://appstate.zoom.us.

Want to learn more about the new side-by-side view?  Check out the support page.

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Published: Sep 28, 2017 8:11am