Recommendations for Utilizing Zoom for a Successful Interview

CAE’s Collaborative Networking Services has hosted a large pool of search committees ranging from CIO, to Chief of Police, to new faculty. The list is extensive!

During this time, we have developed and evolved a work flow that has allowed us to offer a seamless service for all parties involved.

With Zoom readily available, I have been approached concerning recommendations on a good method for its use with search committees.

Here is a quick process to set up search committee Zoom sessions for a best effort approach to hopefully avoid any issue(s) and unnecessary stress.

The No One Wants to Look Bad, so Follow These Steps steps:

  • Test in advance with each candidate to assure that hardware and networks are working and stable – this also allows the candidate to become familiar with the application.
  • Provide separate URLs for each candidate - the same test URL can be used as the actual interview URL – separate URLs for each candidate avoids cross-contamination of candidates entering one another’s interview, which can lead to a failed search.
  • Never use the names of the candidates when scheduling through email and through Zoom.
  • When scheduling interviews, give the committee a minimum of ten-minutes between candidates.

When scheduling the interview using your account, set the Recurrence option to “No Fixed Time.” This will allow you to maintain and use the same URL for the test and the interview session per candidate. You will have to manually delete these sessions once the interview process is complete.

Example of Scheduling a Recurrence Session in Zoom


Example of Testing Phase

Candidate A interview TEST June 15, 2018 :: 10:00 am until 10:30 am
Zoom URL:

Candidate B interview June 16, 2018 :: 2:00 pm until 2:30 pm
Zoom URL:

And so forth…

NOTE: The URLs are different, indicating entirely separate sessions. This prevents any cross-contamination and the awkwardness of Candidate B accidentally entering Candidate A's test and/or interview.

Example of Interview Schedule

Candidate A interview TEST July 04, 2018 :: 1:00 pm until 1:45 am
Zoom URL:

Candidate B interview July 04, 2018 :: 2:00 pm until 2:45 pm
Zoom URL:

And so forth…

NOTE: Please notice that the same links are used for the test and the interview. Using the same link helps save time, maintains continuity, and adds to a seamless work flow. Also, candidates’ names are not used. The idea with not using  names is in the event email addresses getting mixed-up and a message meant for John Doe is sent to Jane Doe, now Jane Doe knows John Doe is going for the same position... That’d be a bummer!

As always, if you would like to discuss this process in more detail, or schedule your search committee using Collaborative Networking Services, please feel free to contact me.

Here's to a terrific Fall 2017!

Now, on to the next.... 

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Published: Aug 18, 2017 12:10pm