Improvements to AsULearn

The Center for Academic Excellence development team is working with the ITS systems group to prepare for system updates scheduled to be completed during the semester break in December.

More speed!

Some of the planned updates include upgrading to PHP 7, which has the potential to show speeds twice as fast as the previous version. This means a snappier AsULearn!

More privacy!

We will also be adding SSL to the AsULearn system. SSL (secure sockets layer) is a security technology that provides an encrypted link between the web server and browser. This link helps to ensure privacy of the data passed between the web server and the web browser. This means a more private/secure AsULearn!

More improvements and fixes!

The team will also be implementing Zend Server, which will provide additional system tools, including code tracing, so we will be better equipped to monitor and analyze performance of the AsULearn application. This means a continually improving AsULearn!

The team is very excited about the planned system upgrades and their potential for improving AsULearn. Keep an eye out for maintenance announcements from ITS regarding the scheduled updates.

system tools
Published: Oct 3, 2016 7:40am