Improve your AsULearn course layout

Our team is always looking for ways to improve the AsULearn experience, for teachers and students alike. One of the ways we accomplish this is by providing enhanced features in AsULearn.

Bootstrap is a popular framework for building responsive websites, and Bootstrap Elements is a feature in AsULearn that allows teachers to add Bootstrap components to their AsULearn course.

  • Modal: Add a dialog window for user notifications or custom content.
  • Toggle: Create a toggle to show or hide content within a course section.
  • Enhanced Label: Create a label with larger text to stand out in a course section.
  • Blockquote: Call out quotes or blocks of content within the page.

Teachers can use the Bootstrap Elements plugin to improve the layout of courses and make course content more engaging for students. Simply select and configure the Bootstrap Elements resource from the Add an activity or resource link.

Contact us to learn more about enhancing the layout and content of your AsULearn course!

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Published: Aug 6, 2018 7:25am