Help us improve AsULearn

Do you have a suggestion for how we can improve AsULearn? Let us know by participating in the Ideas Forum of the AsULearn Feature Requests community!

This community was developed to help generate feedback and discussions about AsULearn from our campus users. Use the Ideas Forum to:

Suggest an idea

Have an idea for a feature or improvement for AsULearn?

  • Search the forum to ensure that the idea has not already been posted.
  • If the idea has already been posted, please rate it with a like and/or reply to it, so the team can see how important it is to our users!
  • If the idea has not already been posted, add a new discussion topic to the forum.

Review ideas

  • Search the forum or just browse the listed discussion topics for ideas of interest.
  • Rate it with a like and/or reply to topics to help us determine which ideas are most important to our users!

Stay informed

Subscribe to the forum, or to an individual discussion, to keep up to date on any of the idea discussions and their progression toward being developed in AsULearn.

Feature requests will be evaluated in order of those with the most votes by the LMS Advisory Group and the Center for Academic Excellence. Feedback from the group will be posted on the Ideas Forum discussion.

Be sure to join the AsULearn Feature Requests community in AsULearn and check back often to see what ideas others have posted and to vote for your favorites!

Published: Dec 26, 2016 9:53am