eXplorance Blue Pilot

The Center for Academic Excellence is proud to announce a pilot of eXplorance Blue for the fall 2016 semester. Blue, a course evaluation platform, is a robust tool that will provide the University with an improved user interface, more flexibility for designing surveys, and better reporting capabilities. This pilot is being done in part to respond to the SACS recommendation that we standardize faculty evaluations on our campus. We strongly urge anyone teaching an online or hybrid course to consider participating in the pilot, but many faculty on campus are using this tool to evaluate face-to-face courses. Departments are encouraged, but not required to participate in the pilot.

Blue offers new options and capabilities, including: improved data analysis, question groups for departments and colleges, and access to live response rates. Blue is designed to support strong student response rates. Students are able to use mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to complete course evaluations. The system also sends automatic email reminders to students to complete evaluations.

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  • Emails will be sent students asking them to complete surveys.
  • Faculty can add a block in AsULearn to provide a direct link to surveys within their courses.
  • Results of survey will be available shortly after grades turned in.  Teachers will login to view results.

Common Questions Used in Every Survey for the Pilot

Likert-Scale Questions

  1. Overall, I consider this individual to be an effective instructor
  2. Overall, this course was a valuable learning experience for me.
  3. The instructor provided timely evaluation of student work.
  4. The instructor was available to students for help and support.
  5. The course contributed to my knowledge of the subject matter.

    Open-Ended Questions:
  6. What were your instructor’s strengths?
  7. How could your instructor improve his/her teaching
Published: Sep 26, 2016 9:51am