Better Office Integrations

One area for improvement that many of our users have been requesting, especially with Appalachian's move to Google, is better integration of Google with AsULearn.

Over the past year, the Center for Academic Excellence development team has been working with a group of developers from across the country (and even a few outside the US) to help build a more seamless and collaborative integration of Google applications like Drive and Calendar with Moodle (the framework on which our AsULearn application is built).

In the past few months, our team was able to meet with Moodle core developers and Google GSuite for Education product managers to discuss the project and show them our progress. These meetings were very successful in that they helped generate more momentum for Moodle and Google to take on the task of more comprehensively building the integration between the two products, and it is now a feature that is planned for inclusion in the next major release of Moodle!

Better integration between the two applications will mean easier, more seamless sharing of Google Drive files, easier use of Google Drive files for student submissions, and even more collaborative use of Google Drive files between students and teachers. With better integration between Google and Moodle (AsULearn), even more opportunity for creative teaching and learning will be open to our campus.

Learn more about the planned development: