AsULearn Spring 2018 Updates

AsULearn is getting an update for spring! We'll be doing some application and system updates on Friday, May 18 from 11:30am to 2:00pm that will bring new features and improvements to the learning management system:

Course overview block

The new course overview block enables students to check course progress and view upcoming due dates. It allows teachers to easily see activities that need grading. Learn more about the new views available.

Assignment grading reminders and file types

Assignments now provide the option to set a reminder that will alert teachers about grading by a specified date in the course overview. Teachers can now also provide the option to specify which file types students can upload.

Calendar management

Events are easily managed from a popup window and can be changed by dragging and dropping them to new dates.

User management

Teachers can enroll, search, filter and bulk edit or delete users from a new single Participants and Enrolments page.

My AsULearn Sites

We're also beginning the implementation of a new back-end architecture that will allow faculty to access previous courses. Our goal is to ultimately provide faculty access to four years of course information from the AsULearn interface (not just as backup files).

For the May update, we'll have part of the new architecture implemented. The course overview block will continue to show all current and previous courses, while the new My AsULearn Sites block will provide access to future fall courses.

When our new architecture is fully in place this fall, the course overview block will show current academic year courses (fall through summer). The My AsULearn Sites block will allow access to previous academic year courses, future academic year courses (when available), and other AsULearn sites for projects, committees, learning resources, etc.

Our team is very excited about the new features and capabilities provided by the updates. Stay tuned for more information about how to use these new features!

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Published: May 14, 2018 7:54am