Learning Technologies

The Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success is your resource to expand your understanding and implementation of technology in your role in the Appalachian community. CAE also provides pedagogical support to help instructors use these tools effectively.

For technical support or to schedule a consultation in instructional design and practices, please contact the Instructional Technology Consultant for your college.


AsULearn (powered by Moodle) is a learning management system that allows classroom interactions to extend onto the web. AsULearn lets faculty post course information, hold class discussions, create and accept assignments, and conduct exams online. AsULearn may be used to create a fully online course or to augment a traditional face-to-face class.

Video support

Our consultants have experience using Kaltura,  Screencast-o-matic Pro,  and YouTube as video/lecture/desktop capture and sharing tools in instructional settings.

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Web conferencing

Web conferencing tools allow faculty, staff, and students to interact live via a web interface. We can work with you to use Zoom and Google Meet to connect with two-way audio, video, chat, screen-sharing and more.

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Lightboard rooms provide a way to make creative, fun, and engaging lecture capture. The Lightboard is a glass panel combined with other components, which makes for a unique experience for both content creators and audiences.

For more information, please view our Fun with Lightboards demo to learn more about using these spaces for lecture capture, presentations, and even incorporating Zoom.

Workshop Scheduler

The Center of Academic Excellence development team created the Workshop Scheduler online application to administer schedulingpromoting, and registering Appalachian users for group workshops. The Administrator Manual (PDF) includes steps to create a community for facilitating workshops, instructions for using the application, and information about how to receive technical support for using the Workshop Scheduler.