Dr. Derek Eggers

Derek Eggers, Ed.D. Younger yet professional looking picture of Derek with a little Photoshop editing.

Instructional Design Specialist / Adjunct Instructor Applied Design
Fine and Applied Arts, University College, and the Graduate School, Dept of English, Dept of Philosophy and Religion

Derek serves as an Instructional Design Specialist, through CETLSS supporting faculty in addition to teaching the Rapid Prototyping course in Applied Design at Appalachian State University.

His experience as an instructional designer combined with a background in industrial technology and engineering design provide a diverse skillset to compliment the CETLSS team at Appalachian. Derek earned a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Instruction and Administration within the Instructional Systems Design program at the University of Kentucky, a M.S. in Industrial Technology from Purdue, and a B.S. in Engineering Design Technology from East Tennessee State University.

Derek regularly teaches IND-3911 "Rapid Prototyping" in the Department of Applied Design in addition to other experimental courses. His interests include project based learning, digital design and fabrication, environmental sustainability; and, he enjoys sailing, snowboarding, and kayaking with his family and friends.