Project Voice Conference

We have a small working group in CAE focused on exploring voice and chatbot technology in teaching and learning, and we attended the Project Voice conference in Chattanooga in January. With the explosion of voice assistant use in the past decade, we were excited to learn more about all the ways different educational organizations are implementing the use of voice technology in and out of the classroom.

Some of the sessions focused on back-end development, such as speech synthesis markup language, securing private data, sentiment analysis on voice interactions, and DevOps for the automated deployment of code and continuous integration.

Other sessions focused more on front-end development, like voice application usability practices, and use cases for voice technology in education. These use cases tend to fall into two different categories: voice applications as teaching assistants, saving the teacher time to focus on teaching and learning, and voice applications for the advancement of teaching and learning. The former category included ideas like reminders, timers, fact-checking, and frequently asked questions (i.e. library hours, football game schedule, etc.). The latter category included ideas such as study guides for student review, increasing student engagement, and creating a more inclusive learning environment.

Join our Voice Chat Google Group if you are interested in staying up to date on our research or sharing ideas for the use of this new technology.

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Published: Mar 16, 2020 9:12am