Flashcards for spaced repetition in online learning

The use of flashcards for learning is not a new idea. They have long been validated as a tool to consolidate memorization and presented with the evidence-based learning concept of spaced repetition. With the advance of education and AI technologies, this old-school tool has evolved to work in the online realm as well.

AsULearn features the H5P flashcards module, which allows instructors to build flashcards with both images and text. These activities can be used as learning methods, to promote contextual repetition and the combination of concepts, and students can even create their own flashcards on the H5P website.

Learn more about using flashcards online or go through the H5P flashcards tutorial.

sample h5p flashcard strawberry in spanish is... your answer check answer
Published: Dec 23, 2019 9:27am