AsULearn Mobile App has launched!

In response to overwhelming requests from students for mobile app access to the university learning management system AsULearn, the CAE team ran a pilot at the beginning of the spring semester to gauge the helpfulness of such an app. After a successful pilot of the mobile app for Moodle, we have moved forward with the development and release of a custom branded version for AsULearn. The AsULearn mobile app is now available for download for free for iOS devices from the App Store and for Android devices from Google Play.

Learn more about everything you can do in the AsULearn mobile app as well as download it for your device, or read the knowledge base article about how to get started

We're always interested in your feedback, so we can continue to develop and improve the learning applications we support; contact us with any questions or comments!

asulearn app icon
Published: Apr 15, 2019 9:19am